How do I get a D-number?

If you do not have a Norwegian personal number, you need a D-number in order to make use of our services, since we need your tax card from the tax office in order to process your salary.

There are two ways to get a D-number in Norway:

  1. You apply for a D-number with an employment contract that guarantees at least 10 hours of work every month
  2. You start your own sole proprietorship with the intention of working in Norway

The Tax Office requires that you have a job which provides at least 10 hours of fixed income per month, to qualify for a tax card. They will unfortunately not provide a D-number for working through Manymore or our partners such as Foodora, as the contract that we provide does not offer a guaranteed minimum number of hours. Even if you will likely work more than 10 hours, it is the contract that the tax office will consider. 

You can however register as a sole proprietor without a D-number, and one will be assigned to you. 

We recommend that you read Altinn's pages about D-number:

Registering is free of charge; don't pay anyone to do it for you, as it's a very straightforward process.

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