How do I change my email on Manymore?

An email address is required to make an account on, and sometimes, it is necessary to update when an old email address goes out of use.

We can help you change your email address, but need to make sure it's done step-by-step.

To change your email address on, we need two emails:

  1. from the original email to
  2. from the second email to

In both emails, please write this sentence:

"I have two emails _________ and _________. I want to change my Manymore email to ____________. I will send this same sentence from both emails to confirm that they both belong to me."

Once we have received both emails, we will delete one and keep other. Then we will email both emails that the account is ready for use.

The reason for this is that we need to make sure it is the right person asking for this change, and not someone pretending to be you.
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