How do I make an account in Manymore?

In this article, we will show in detail how you make an account on Manymore, step by step.

Go to to make an account

When you have typed your email address and made a password, you have to verify your account. You will receive an email with a link to verify your account. In the email, click on Confirm, to verify your email address.

Before you send an invoice, you will be asked to verify your ID by either BankID or another form of ID. (If you choose another form of ID verification, it will be done manually, and will take longer)

When you are done getting verified by BankID or some other method, you can create a payout profile. We will now see how you can create a payout profile for Manymore Lønn (Salary).

Go to the menu and click on Payout profiles. Click on Add new, and choose Salary.

That is all! Now your profile is ready.

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