What is a kjørerapport?

As a freelancer, if you use your car to complete your job assignment, you can claim certain tax deductions.

This applies only if you use your car and no other methods. If you do not use your car, you do not need to send reports. 

In the case of Foodora, we receive reports from them for the kilometers you have driven, and based on this, we add tax deductions. However, Foodora's reports are always less than you have actually driven. 

If you drive a lot, the difference in kilometers between Foodora's report and your actual driving, will be large.

If you want tax deductions for the whole amount, we need a driving report (Kjørerapport). 

You can use both Autogear, Automile, or another product of your choice for your GPS device.


  • If you drive your own car for work, you can get tax deductions
  • We get a report from Foodora and you get your tax deductions if you drive your own car
  • You can buy a GPS device and send us reports to get the full tax deduction
  • This is optional. You do not need to send us reports if you do not want the full tax deduction, or you don't drive your own car

If you report your km directly to your client, we will use those numbers in our payout (for example Salita).

NOTE: We only accept reports for the last completed period and do not have the possibility to change previous periods.

Please send your PDF report to reports@manymore.com

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