Explain all the taxes and fees, if I don't provide driving reports?

Mandatory taxes and fees for payments through Manymore.com

In Norway, when a company sends an invoice, in general, 25% VAT has to be added. This is not part of your salary, it is added on top of the invoice amount. Just like when you buy something in a shop or on the internet, you pay X amount of NOK, including VAT.

The VAT part of the purchase will be paid to the tax office.
In the same way, when a company needs to pay 1000NOK for your work, they actually have to pay 1250NOK. Then, 250NOK VAT will be sent by us to the tax office.
Your 1000NOK stays the same and is not changed.
After this, as according to the Manymore agreement, the following will happen:
  • We deduct the Manymore fee of 4,9%
  • Then the rest of the money is divided in different categories:
    • Taxable money for your work per assignment
    • Taxable money for your tips / bonuses / etc. per assignment
    • Non-taxable money, which is refund for your expenses per assignment
For taxable payment, we deduct employer's tax of 14,1% and salary tax (based on the percentage in your tax card at Skatteetaten).
For non-taxable payment, we add this to your payment as refunds for your expenses.
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