How do I invoice Fromber?

If you work for Fromber via Manymore, the process is quite simple. You do not need to do anything, and only need to concentrate on completing the task. If Fromber needs you to report an assignment, overtime and such, that is done directly with them, in their system.

In the meantime, there are some things we fix for you:

  • We receive the invoice amount from Fromber
  • We generate an invoice back to Fromber based on the amount we have received

When the invoice from Fromber is paid and vi have the money, we make sure that:

  • VAT is paid with the correct amount at the correct time
  • We report your salary to the tax authorities
  • We set aside, and pay, employers tax
  • We deduct our Manymore fee
  • We pull your tax card from the tax authorities so that you can get paid with the correct salary tax rate
  • We pay your salary and upload your pay slip to your Manymore account

This means that you only really need to focus on your work, and we will focus om on invoicing and payout for you.

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