What does Manymore cost, and how do I pay?

Manymore provides two options:

  • Manymore Lønn - if you don't have or don't want to run your own company
    • If your customer does not pay, we don't charge anything
    • If your customer pays, we deduct our fee before processing your payout
    • We deduct 4.9% from the total value of the invoice
  • Manymore Firma - if you have your own company and want to get paid directly
    • We charge 5kr per EHF delivery (because it costs us to send EHF invoices)
    • Sending PDF invoices by Email is free
    • Yes - we don't charge anything for sending invoices by PDF if you have a company

In general, we charge a 4.9% fee for Manymore Lønn, for processing your salary.

If you choose Manymore Lønn, we will:

  1. Send an invoice to your customer
    1. We will follow up to make sure they pay
    2. We will ensure that they pay VAT if they are supposed to
  2. We will receive your payment
    1. We will deduct and pay VAT to the tax office
  3. We will deduct our fee
  4. We will generate your salary slip
    1. We will submit your salary report to Altinn.no
    2. We will deduct your withholding tax, and pay that to the tax office
    3. We will deduct an Employers Tax, and pay that to the tax office
  5. We will maintain your records in our database for as long as legally required
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