What is Lønn?

Manymore Lønn is our salary service for those who do not own, or do not want to make, their own company / ENK. Manymore will handle all taxes and paperwork for you, so you can concentrate on your work.

You sign up for Manymore Lønn under Freelance profiles in the menu in the right upper corner.

After clicking on Add new freelance profile, choose Lønnsmottaker.

Then you simply follow the steps of the freelance profile registration.

Once the customer has paid, we make sure you get your salary. In connection with salary payments, there are a number of things we do:
  • We will collect your tax card so that we can deduct the correct tax. We do this every time, so we use your new tax rate if you have changed it in due time.
  • We deduct employer's contribution of 14.1%. This is a fixed tax rate set by the state. This does not affect your salary, because it is invoiced on top of your salary, just like VAT.
  • We inform the tax authorities about your income by sending an a-melding.
  • We deduct the Manymore fee.
  • You salary will be paid to you as soon as this is done.
  • You will find all your pay slips after receiving your payout by logging in to Manymore and clicking on the menu and then "Pay slips".
  • The file will be password protected and you can open it with the last 5 digits of your account number.
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