What happens after I send an invoice?

What happens after you send an invoice, depends on whether you get paid to a company or individually, as salary after tax.


Once you have sent an invoice, it goes directly to your customer. Therefore, make sure that everything is correct. 

When it has been sent to the customer, you will be able to click on the invoice and see that it says "Sent to customer". You will also be able to see useful information such as due date and invoice date.

With payment to your company, the payment happens directly from your client's bank account to your bank account, and Manymore does not touch the money. Normally, the invoice will be paid on the due date, unless you have some other agreement with your client.


When you send an invoice through your individual account, and receive salary after tax, your invoice will first go to a member of the Manymore team for approval.

We will make sure everything is correct, and will:

  1. Send the invoice as EHF, if the customer supports EHF format
  2. Send the invoice as a PDF file by email, if the customer does not support EHF format

When your client has paid your invoice, we calculate and deduct taxes and fees, as well as report on your behalf to the tax authorities.

Then we pay out your salary on the next payout day, which is normally the next Thursday.

As soon as this is done, we will upload your payslip on your Manymore account and send you an email that everything is ready.

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