When will I get paid?

When do I get paid?

Manymore pays out ~10 times per month, and the exact date depends on your customer.
In general, Manymore runs payment every Thursday. This means that you will be paid on the first Thursday after your client pays Manymore.

  • When your client has paid your invoice, we calculate and deduct taxes and fees.
  • Then we pay out your salary on the next payout day, which is normally the next Thursday.

As soon as this is done, we will upload your payslip on your Manymore account and send you an email that everything is ready.

If you would like to discuss a faster payout, you can contact us on support@manymore.com 



  • We provide a salary service for Porterbuddy only under special circumstances
  • If Porterbuddy has approved the use of Manymore Lønn for you, you will get paid on the invoice due-date (2 weeks after each period ends).
  • For Manymore Firma, Porterbuddy pays you directly, and you should ask them for your payment

Foodora - New from 2022

  • We pay you on the same day that Foodora pays us
  • All work done from 01st - 15th of every month is paid on the 25th of the same month, or next bank day
  • All work done from 16th - 31st of every month is paid on the 10th of the next month, or next bank day
  • Foodora pays us on the 25th and 10th or the next bank day
  • You will see invoices to Foodora, 1-2 days before the payout date.
  • You will receive salary slips on the payout date, or the night before.


  • Read this page: https://support.salita.no/article/474-dato-for-utbetaling-av-honorar-lonn-og-kompensasjoner
  • If you are using Manymore, we are working on a new solution to pay you sooner, for an additional fee. This will be live during 2022.
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