How do I order a tax card?

  1. Visit the tax authorities' pages
  3. Here you can log in and enter information about expected income. When this is done, you can order a tax card.

Approximately 5 working days after ordering, you will receive a tax deduction report showing which income, expenses, assets and debts you have stated. The tax deduction message arrives in the inbox when you are logged in to Altinn.

The employer picks up your tax card from the Tax Administration and you do not need to submit this. (Feel free to inform us when it is ready, so we can pick this up via our systems)

Every year in December, you get a new tax card that your employer picks up. If you have not received information about your tax card by 9 January, then you should contact the Tax Authorities.

If you have a free card (frikort), it is important that you go into the website of the tax authorities, and share this free card with Manymore,  923 004 114. Read more here:

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